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Acquainting with Georgia and the Georgian Fine Arts:
Here You will find the largest database of Georgian Artists, the galleries and some of the highlights of the collection of Georgian artists paintings.We will help You to gain an useful information about Georgian Fine Arts, Modern Original and Traditional Handmade Paintings ...
Help in selecting of the works of outstanding Georgian artists for private and office collections:
The works of Georgian artists permanently are successfully exhibiting at prestigious halls in various countries of the world. We will help You to gain the best works of the outstanding contemporary Georgian artists at suitable prices. We hope, that You will well appreciate our service to make charming of interior and exterior of Your halls, work-rooms and apartments with paintings, sculptures or other items ...
A Distant study of the Visual Arts throughout master-classes:
We organize a distant study of the arts for those who has a talent and great desire to be an artist ...
Subscription on Free Newsletter about the Georgian Contemporary Arts:
If you wont to be in a stream of Georgian Contemporary Arts we are ready to promote You ...


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